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a small village in El Koura district of Lebanon
Bdebba meaning in Syriac is the house of the bear (مأوى الدب). Indeed, the word Bdebba is
formed of two parts “Bet Dibba”. “Bet” means “house”(مكان ) and “Dibba” means “bear” (الدب).
According to Dr Aksam Merched, this etymological analysis can be supported by
archeological finding in the area. Indeed, an excavation by a team from Tokyo University
Scientific Expedition to Western Asia in the Keoue area, a river bed that separates Bdebba
Bterram, and the artifacts found led to the conclusion that the occupants of the site
were probably big bear hunters using small points (
Read more details).

Bdebba has ancient caves and sarcophagi dated back to the Phoenician period and ruins
from the Crusades era. There are also a Greek Orthodox
church and a monastery
dedicated to Virgin Mary.
Bdebba is located in the district of El Koura in the North governorate of Lebanon.
  • Altitude 290 meters above sea level.
  • 70 kilometers north of Beirut.
  • 5.5 kilometers east of the mediterranean sea.
  • 10 kilometers south of Tripoli (Trablous) Lebanon 2nd largest city.
  • Surrounding villages are: Bterram, Aaba, Batroumine.
  • Most of the land is planted with olive trees.
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Etymology and archeology
Bdebba administrators
Municipality was created in Bdebba in 2004 and the actual elected Municipality president is
Zafer Khoury. The Mayor or Mukhtar is Lila Gerges Abi Saab.
The estimated number of registered residents reaches around 1,200 people, with the
majority belonging to the Greek Orthodox church. Family names include: Abi Saab, Allawi,
Armesh, Barakat, Boustani, Chakkour ,Chikhani, Daher, Derkhashadorian, Fayyad,  
Gerges, Ghazi, Hajj, Ibrahim, Itani, Jabbour, Jreih, Khoury, Maik, Merched, Moussa, Nassar,
Nemeh, Qormesh, Razzouk, Saadeh, Sassine, Sleiman,Tannous,Tarraq, Yaacoub,
Youssef, ...
Location of the village
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